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ups and downs


To the AMA-chartered Trail Riders of Southern Arizona, who stepped up when someone stole a bicycle from a San Manuel, Ariz., girl, who had worked hard to buy it. Within two days, the club organized a fundraising event, collected enough money for a new bike, bought it from a local shop and delivered it to 14-year-old Keira Boulware.

“TRS[A] has a special bond with the residents of San Manuel, where it hosts the annual San Manuel Copper Classic, a statewide motorcycle race as part of the Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association State Championship Series,” said George Wysopal, TRSA president. “We wanted to immediately respond to the community.”


To the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for a $100,000 grant to the Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation. The grant will pay for motorcycle rider training through a public scholarship program.
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Photo By Rich Broeker