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AMA Podcast Debuts

Guests Include AMA Hall Of Famers And Industry Leaders

In April, the AMA launched a new podcast, “On The Line With The AMA,” featuring AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductees and other motorcycle racing greats, industry leaders and rights advocates.

Each podcast pairs notables, such as:

  • Hall of Famers Gary Mathers and Rob Muzzy, who reminisce about their careers working together before managing opposing racing teams;

  • Hall of Famers Dick Burleson and Gunnar Lindstrom, who talk about their years competing with Husqvarna in off-road and motocross;

  • AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman and Erik Pritchard, president and CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Council, who discuss their organizations’ historic collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Hall of Famer Mona Ehnes and son, Russ, who have spent decades as motorcycle advocates. Today, Russ Ehnes is chair of the AMA Board of Directors.

One episode brings together Hall of Famers Debbie Evans and Gary Davis, two of Hollywood’s most successful stunt riders, who give listeners behind-the-scenes insights into the demanding and dangerous world of stunt performance.

“Motorcycling taught us so much about how to analyze everything,” Evans said. “The lines you’re going to take are very critical when you’re on a movie or television set, because they start moving in C-stands and cameras and people and objects. [They say], ‘We want you to hit [your mark] right here ….’”

“We get it all practiced up, everyone’s happy and then they wet it down!” Davis interjected with a chuckle.

“I’m used to there being a bogey,” he said. “They call ‘Action!’ and then, all of a sudden, ‘What is that?!’”

Listen to all of the “On The Line With The AMA” podcasts at and watch AMA social media for notice of future releases.

▲ AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Debbie Evans is featured in a recent podcast discussing stunt riding in Hollywood with fellow Hall of Famer Gary Davis.
Photo by Holly Carlyle