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Meet Tiffany Cipoletti

New AMA Staffer Tackles On-Highway Issues

Photos by Sandy Schaeffe

Portrait of Tiffany Cipoletti

Tiffany Cipoletti joined the AMA Government Relations Department staff in Washington, D.C., in July after spending 13 years with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation.

Cipoletti is the AMA government relations manager for on-highway issues. And she can be reached at Here is a little insight into this recent addition to the AMA staff.

American Motorcyclist: How did you get started riding motorcycles?

Tiffany Cipoletti: My first attempt to learn how to ride was on my brother’s Kawasaki KX80 back in the early ’90s. My father’s efforts to get me to follow my brother’s footsteps into motocross, however, was a fruitless endeavor. My introduction to dirt bikes was my dad chasing me through the yard yelling, “Brake, brake, brake!” as I continued to crack on the throttle while trying to reach for the front brake and zooming straight for a telephone pole. I became an endorsed motorcycle rider in my late 20s.

AM: What are you riding now?

TC: I am down to just one motorcycle, my 2004 Harley-Davidson 883 Custom. I sold my 1982 Yamaha XS400 built into a scrambler earlier this year. I have been coveting adventure bikes and resisting the urge to test ride them.

AM: What’s the best trip you’ve taken on a motorcycle?

TC: Can I have a three-way tie? My first long solo trip to Illinois to speak at the ABATE of Illinois Awareness rally was a formidable experience. I had never been that far by myself, and I wasn’t sure if I had the endurance to ride 2,000 miles in three days. This experience gave me the confidence that I could do and handle anything on my own, including a parking lot fix after losing parts on the interstate outside of Buckeye Lake, Ohio.

In 2018, I rode to South Dakota for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. While I did not spend much time at the rally events, I spent seven days riding the Black Hills and Wyoming.

I think the best trip I have ever been on, however, was my four-state ride in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. On this trip, I was able to ride across my first Indian Reservation in the desert, experience Monument Valley in Utah, snake my way around the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and experience the uniqueness of New Mexico.

AM: What are some of the issues you are tracking in your role with the AMA?

TC: I am preaching to the choir about the importance of protecting the future of motorcycling on our nation’s roadways and beyond and promoting the motorcycling lifestyle.

As an avid rider, I am vigilant that legislation and transportation policy continues to consider the benefits and unique characteristics of motorcyclists as road users.

Some of the emerging issues that have my attention include autonomous vehicle and intelligent transportation systems, lane splitting, rider training and distracted-driving legislation.

If you have an issue in your state that affects your ability to ride freely or safely, I am eager to help address or aid in making motorcycling more enjoyable.