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Meet Chris Sasso

New Coordinator For AMA State Chapter Of Ohio

Although he didn’t start riding until age 40 on a Vespa, Chris Sasso has spent the past 20 years making motorcycling a larger and larger part of his life. His latest step came when he volunteered to be the coordinator for the AMA State Chapter of Ohio, a role that includes working to make the motorcycle lifestyle more enjoyable.

AMA State Chapter Coordinators are lead volunteers in each state who work with AMA staff, AMA-chartered organizers and individual members to determine the best recreational riding and advocacy interests for the state.

The coordinator, along with engaged volunteers in each state, will work to expand recreational opportunities for members to meet and ride together.

“I have volunteered for the AMA for the last five years and really enjoyed the people and interacting with motorcyclists,” Sasso said. “I have been blessed with being able to recently retire from the corporate world, with one of the main drivers being to motorcycle and to share motorcycling with others.

“In my professional life, I worked in the sciences, where we were always trying to improve people’s lives with scientific and technological advancements. Working as the AMA State Chapter coordinator is just an extension of that. But now, I am improving your life by getting you out on two wheels—or maybe three, if you like.”

Sasso identified as his top priority in his new role as spreading “the wonderful joy that is motorcycling.”

“This joy comes in many forms, be it racing, touring, commuting, riding on trails or whatever it is that being on a motorcycle speaks to you and your soul,” he said. “This should be for everyone, the active rider, the returning rider or the new rider. The last two groups are the ones I am most passionate about.

“Having come to motorcycling late in life, I can’t believe it took me so long to find this wonderful passion, this fantastic outlet, this pure joy that is motorcycling. I want to help others find this or reignite this sooner rather than later. Diversity is key to growing motorcycling. I want to work to be inclusive of all genders, ethnicities, incomes and backgrounds. I want to make sure everyone feels included and has the opportunity to enjoy this passion called motorcycling.”

Sasso can be reached at Ohio AMA members can connect with other members on Facebook: AMA State Chapter of Ohio Facebook Group

To find out more about AMA State Chapters or to apply to become an AMA State Chapter volunteer state coordinator, visit