American Motorcyclist March 2018

GM Moving Forward With Driverless Car

No Steering Wheel Or Pedals

General Motors says its Cruise AV is designed to operate with no driver, no steering wheel and no pedals and could be on America’s streets in 2019.

The company filed a petition with the Department of Transportation for the fourth-generation Cruise AV to be street-legal. The petition is asking for a waiver for laws that it cannot meet “because they are human-driver-based-requirements.”

Meanwhile, one of GM’s self-driving Chevy Bolt EVs struck a motorcyclist during an aborted lane change in December in San Francisco.

According to media reports, the Bolt attempted to change lanes to the left, then returned to the center lane when the gap in traffic tightened. The motorcyclist, seeing the Bolt move left, had begun to move into the space the Bolt was vacating.

When the Bolt shifted right, the motorcycle “glanced” the passenger side of the car at about 17 mph.

The AMA is working with government officials, manufacturers and software companies to ensure that this rapidly advancing technology recognizes motorcycles in traffic and reacts appropriately to their presence.