Trail grants available

Forest Improvements Targeted


The AMA has joined with a broad spectrum of trail advocacy organizations in a joint project with the U.S. Forest Service to improve both motorized and nonmotorized trails in national forests.

Any project that meets national quality standards will qualify for consideration, including:

Clearing and brushing

Tread repair

Structure repair or replacement

Replacement or installation of trail signs

The program originated in a partnership between the Forest Service and the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance. It is administered collaboratively by the AMA, the Back Country Horsemen of America, the International Mountain Biking Association, the American Hiking Society and American Trails.

Grants are intended for summer use trails, to cover either newly identified or deferred maintenance needs.

Any nonprofit organization is eligible and should have a sponsored volunteer agreement or other agreement with the local Forest Service office for work under these grants.

The application deadline is March 30. All forms are available at