American Motorcyclist April 2018

Ken Harmeyer Already Pressing Issues

Hawaii State Chapter Coordinator Hits Ground Running

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Ken Harmeyer is the new Hawaii state coordinator for the AMA State Chapters and Volunteer Network. Ken has been an AMA member for 25 years.

“I would like to see AMA have more of a presence in Hawaii,” he said. “I felt we needed to organize and let our voices be heard here and nationally.”

The Honolulu resident plans to jump right into two of the hot issues in motorcycling today.

“My first project is to try and get lane splitting for Hawaii,” he said. “I also will next try to get [penalty] enhancements for a distracted driver who hits a motorcyclist.”

State coordinators work with the AMA, individual AMA members and AMA District membership, to recognize challenges and threats to motorcycling and the motorcycle lifestyle, to disseminate information, and to identify opportunities for AMA volunteers to make a difference in the motorcycling and greater community.

To be selected as a state coordinator, AMA members must have completed the Education, Activism, Growth, Expertise and Skills sections of AMA EAGLES training and have completed, or currently be working on, the Leadership segment.

Harmeyer joined the AMA after reading a story in a motorcycle magazine.

“I liked what the AMA stands for,” he said. “I am a firm believer that the government works for the people, not the other way around. AMA stood up to rules and regulations that discriminated against motorcycles and riders.”