1997 Honda Dream 50

From the beginning, AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Soichiro Honda infused his motorcycles with performance, purpose and simplicity. An engineering tribute to Honda’s RC50 and CR110 factory race bikes, this 1997 Honda Dream 50 production model is a modern expression of those ideals.

The 1997 Dream 50 is rare, particularly for the U.S. market. Although the similar competition-only Dream 50R was imported into the United States in 2004, the Dream 50 was a Japanese-only model manufactured with a very short production run.

Also known as the CB50V (or “DOHC Fifty Sport” in Honda’s sales brochure for the bike), Honda’s marketing copy left no doubt that the Dream 50 was intended to be enjoyed and ridden:

“This is a motorcycle for losing yourself, whether in the riding or in the polishing. Its slim, intrepid styling overflows with beauty born of function. It’s micro-precision mechanisms form the world’s most compact DOHC engine. … The Dream 50 is a machine so rich in taste and quality that it brings all riders’ dreams to life.”

The 49cc four-stroke engine pushed 5.6 horsepower at 10,500 rpm through its five-speed transmission. The bike had a wet weight of 193.6 pounds and a 47-inch wheelbase.

It’s typical Honda, with clean lines, tasteful visuals, quality controls and attention to detail.

This particular 1997 Honda Dream 50 was imported for the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame’s permanent collection with the assistance and financial support of Andrew Ross in 1998.


American Motorcyclist January 2020