American Motorcyclist August 2018

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Seat Concepts Complete Seat

Models: KTM 1090/1190/1290 Adventure Lineup

Price: $314.99 (as tested)


One reason adventure bikes are popular is their versatility. They can be sport-tourers, dual-sport bikes or standard commuters—and transition easily from one application to the other.

That flexibility means the right modifications can really impact the character of these bikes. One such effective mod is an aftermarket seat.

Because I’m deluded into thinking I can ride my KTM Adventure 1090R like a dirt bike, I wanted to add a flatter seat, allowing me to shift my weight around the riding compartment more easily.

That brought me to Seat Concepts. The company makes aftermarket seats for a wide range of on- and off-highway motorcycles. They come as foam and cover kits to install on the stock seat pan or as complete seats. One of their options for my KTM is a flat design. They also offer a shorter-than-stock version that offers an easier reach to the ground.

While the flat seat adds an inch to the already tall seat height, for my purposes, that’s a fair trade off for the expanded footpeg-to-seat ergonomics and the easier transition from sitting to standing.

The foam itself is as supportive as the stocker when new, and it breaks in nicely after about 500 miles. With the extra padding, it’s very comfortable.

The complete seat is the way to go for versatility. If I’m going for a two-up tour, I can quickly swap back to the stocker for the supportive ergonomics of the dished foam and the firmer footing at stoplights thanks to a shorter seat height.

The aftermarket seat’s fit on the bike was perfect. It takes seconds to install. So far, overall build quality has proven at least on par with the stocker. Design wise, it’s similar to stock—a good thing. The cover has a grippy texture that keeps my butt planted where I want it.

The stock seat pan has a heat shield that the Seat Concepts seat lacks, but I noticed no increase in riding temperature.

When it comes to aftermarket parts, a seat isn’t as exciting as a new exhaust or as visually striking as new graphics, but it’s high on the list of functional modifications. Seat Concepts offers a quality product at a fair price that will help you transform your adventure bike into exactly what you want.—James Holter