Meet Bob Hammaker

AMA Pennsylvania State Chapter Coordinator

Bob Hammaker, of Harrisburg, Pa., has been named state coordinator for the AMA Pennsylvania State Chapter.

He has been an AMA member for 17 years, but his passion for riding dates to homemade minibikes when he was a child.

“My legitimate riding years began somewhere around 1978, when I became a licensed motorcycle rider and proud owner of a 1962 Honda C100 Cub,” Hammaker said. “That motorcycle provided the spark that ignited the passion I carry with me to this day.”

Volunteer AMA State Chapter coordinators are AMA members who have completed AMA Eagles training.

They work with AMA clubs and individual members to determine common goals and interests and how those goals can be met.

Hammaker has demonstrated his enthusiasm for motorcycles in many ways over the years, including two decades as an instructor for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

“During a recent Iron Butt ride, I made the decision to take my focus and love for motorcycling in a new direction,” he said.

“It wasn’t very long until life pointed me in the direction of the AMA.

“I also had the pleasure of spending some time with (AMA Government Relations Director) Mike Sayre, we both were members of the 2018 ABATE of Pennsylvania Legislative & Leadership Panel.

“It became clear that I could have a positive effect in helping almost 800,000 Pennsylvania riders expand and safeguard a mutual love for the sport,” he said.

“My directive to soar further and broader became a reality with an opportunity provided within the EAGLES.”

Hammaker’s goals as state coordinator include:

Helping revive participation in the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program

Addressing motorcyclist profiling through legislation

Encouraging more Pennsylvania riders to join the AMA

“My long-term vision is to see all riders be provided a foundation based on safety and to unite great people who share such individual freedoms through a platform of motorcycling,” he said.

Personal background

Hammaker is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. He holds a degree in criminal justice from Penn State University.

“I am also a retired member of the military reserves and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” he said.

“I am a long-term resident of Central Pennsylvania and work at Appalachian Harley-Davidson

Hammaker said he currently owns a 1981 Honda GL1100, a 2009 Piaggio Fly 150 and a 2017 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic.

“The Harley obviously accumulates the most miles in a year, averaging around 15,000,” he said.

Hammaker can be reached at