American Motorcyclist August 2018

Ups & Downs


To the Colorado judge who thought five years of probation was an appropriate sentence for 28-year-old Matthew Austin Dungan, who was distracted by his cell phone and under the influence of alcohol when he turned left in front of motorcyclist Austin Sherwood in 2017. Sherwood, 25, a former U.S. Marine, died as a result of his injuries. Dungan was charged with vehicular homicide and driving under the influence.


To the two 15-year-old girls who strung fishing line across a road in Graham, Wash., causing a motorcyclist to nearly crash when the line cut his neck. Rider Alex Teston told KIRO-TV the injury was minor. Pierce County Sheriff’s Department investigators learned that the girls intended to string up a teddy bear in the middle of the road, so it would appear to float over passing drivers. Before they finished setting up their prank, Teston drove through.


To Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, who road with motorcycle groups and the Michigan State Police from Detroit Iron Cycles in White Lake to ABC Harley-Davidson in Waterford to kick off Motorcycle Awareness Month.