American Motorcyclist June 2018

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GX Air 3 Glove

MSRP: $50.99

Sizes: XS-3XL


Your hands are your most important connection to your motorcycle, and nothing should impede their job. This is why I’ve always been a fan of lightweight, flexible gloves like these GX Air 3s.

As you would guess from the name, the GX Air 3s are warm/hot weather gloves with good airflow. They are a solid match for Cortech’s GX Sport Air 5.0 mesh jacket on summer days, which was reviewed in the May issue.

The gloves have contoured fingers and are light weight. Pay attention on a long ride, and you’ll notice how your hands don’t get tired as quickly as they would in heavier, bulkier gloves. Foam padding in the palm also does a good job of reducing shock and vibration, and that doesn’t hurt either.

They are made primarily out of goatskin, and are reinforced where they should be, and perforated elsewhere.

I did not crash test these gloves (thankfully!). Note that they aren’t intended to offer the type of protection you would find in race gear, for example, but key areas are protected with abrasion-resistant mesh, and impact areas feature plastic armor.

The GX Air 3s do appear to run a bit small. I recommend buying these gloves from your local Cortech dealer where you can check the fit for yourself.

These gloves aim for a target of comfort, protection and value, and they hit that target dead on.

The GX Air 3 gloves are an excellent value that punch above their weight class. These are $50 gloves that fit and feel like they should cost more by half. I have no problem recommending them for any conditions other than cold weather or rain.—April Brooks